About ITSO


The Duke University IT Security Office (ITSO) provides leadership in the development, delivery and maintenance of an information security and risk management program to safeguard the university's information assets and the supporting infrastructure against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss. The ITSO supports a comprehensive university-wide program that encompasses implementation of IT security methods and remediation, monitoring of IT security related events, threat and vulnerability management, and incident management. The ITSO collaborates with campus departments and business units on a wide variety of IT security-related issues and practices. Working with campus departments and the Duke Health System Information Security Office (ISO), we help manage risk and support secure, sustainable information technology services to meet the needs of the University.


  • Protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of university data.
  • Promote a safe and secure information technology operational environment.
  • Coordinate and communicate security related information to the University community.
  • Identify and provide guidance on risk management, business continuity planning and compliance.

The ITSO is based at the American Tobacco Campus in the Strickland Building.

334 Blackwell St.
Durham, NC 27701

Directions to our office

email: security@duke.edu

The IT Security Office's public pgp key.

Our colleagues in the Duke Health Information Security Office (ISO) should be contacted via email at infosec@dm.duke.edu or see their site at intranet.mc.duke.edu/dhts/iso for any Duke Health System IT security issues.