Anti-Virus Software

CrowdStrike for Duke-owned computers, free solutions for personal use

Duke has purchased CrowdStrike to protect Duke-owned computers from viruses and malware. This software--available from the Duke OIT Software site--should be installed on all Duke-owned computers.

The CrowdStrike software, however, should not be installed on non-Duke-owned personal or home computers. CrowdStrike was selected specifically for Duke's enterprise environment and the access it has to a computer is inappropriate for non-Duke-owned computers.

For personal and home computers, good anti-virus products are now widely (and often freely) available. As such, Duke is no longer offering a paid anti-virus solution for home or personal use. Instead, the Duke IT Security Office recommends using one of many popular free options such as: 

While these software solutions are recommended and in use by many Duke IT Security Office members on their personal and home computers, you are welcome to use any solution--free or otherwise--that you feel provides acceptable security.