Financial Officer Scams

April 6, 2017

We've seen a significant increase in the number of scam messages trying to fool financial officers into wiring money to the scammer's bank account. Fraudulent messages that once only targeted CFOs, VPs of Finance, and similar positions are now being sent to Treasurers and Secretaries of organizations and clubs. Below is an example of what these scammers send--often as a series of messages--but the contents of a specific attack will vary. These scams rely on the victim clicking "Reply" and having the message go to a different "Reply-to:" address than what is expected for the spoofed sender. If you receive an odd message requesting that you send funds somewhere, always confirm the request by starting a new message and entering the recipient's e-mail address manually or from your own address book, not by clicking on "Reply".

What to look for: the email