Phishing Attack "Your mailbox is becoming too large" (August 26, 2013)

We've received a few reports from individuals who received the following email:


some are receiving messages that appear to be from our own helpdesk as seen above. Please be advised, this is not a legitmate email and the from address has been spoofed to look like it was really sent from Duke. Others received messages similar to the one below that is obviously not related to Duke.



The destination URL of the "Here" link in both messages pointed to a Jimdo hosted form. I immediately contacted their support and they've taken the page down. Unfotunately I was unable to obtain a screenshot of the hosted form before the page was blocked. I did receive a report that while up, the form requested email, username/id, password, and a second line to "confirm" the password.


If you know that you visited the form and provided information related to your Duke account, please notify the OIT Service Desk at 919.684.2200 immediately.