Security Basics

A to Z

Anti-Theft Tracking

Protect your laptop, phone or tablet with Prey software

Anti-Virus Software

CrowdStrike for Duke-owned computers, free solutions for personal use

Box Service

Cloud-based secure storage for Duke users

Browser Security

Tips for safe Internet browsing


Please be cognizant of copyrights.


Use secure eduroam network when traveling

IoT Devices

Make sure the Internet of Things isn't a route for hackers to get into your home


LastPass and tips for password management

Lost or Stolen Device

What to do if your phone or laptop is stolen

Mobile Devices

Keep your mobile device safe!

Multi-Factor Authentication

What is multi-factor authentication , and how to set it up via OIT


Is your NetID locked? Find out why and what to do about it


Duke rules and recommendations


What is phishing and how to spot a potential phishing attack


Email protection with Proofpoint TAP

Report an incident

What an incident is and what you should do about it.

Software Updates

Protect yourself with patches

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Access Duke resources from non-Duke networks using VPN

Viruses and Malware

Free solutions recommended for personal use