Have a security issue? Need to report a security incident?

Contact the Security Offices to report a security incident or ask a security-related question by following the guidance below or sending an email to security@duke.edu. Your message will be reviewed by the appropriate Duke University or Duke Health team members.

If reporting a security incident or problem, describe in detail the issue you are reporting. Include any pertinent information such as:

  • How was the problem initially detected?
  • When was it detected and by whom?
  • What groups or organizations are affected by the incident? Are they aware of the incident?
  • Have any other security incidents or abnormalities been observed on the affected system or on the local network recently?
  • Is any data stored or processed by the affected systems?
  • How is the data classified (according to the Duke Data Classification Standard)?
  • Are you aware of any compliance requirements (legal, regulatory, or institutional) related to the data?
  • Who is aware of the incident at this time? (Include names, organizational affiliations.)
  • Who is authorized to make business decisions regarding the affected components?
  • What applications and data processes make use of the affected fields?
Envelope with a phish hook to it above the text "Report Phish to Duke"

The best way to report a phishing message to the Duke Security Offices is to use the "Report Phish" button in Outlook.

If you received a phishing email and entered your credentials or have otherwise been compromised online, please report the incident by sending an email to security@duke.edu.  In this email, include information such as Department Name, your name,  your telephone number, your email address, and relevant information shown above.


  • If a Duke-owned device has been stolen: Report the theft to the Duke Police Department as soon as possible.
  • If a Duke-owned device containing sensitive or restricted data has been lost or stolen: Immediately notify the Security Offices by emailing security@duke.edu.
  • If a personally-owned device has been stolen: Report the theft to the appropriate authorities and use device tracking software to locate, disable, or if necessary erase the device. See our recommendations for tracking personal devices in the Personal Device Security Guide
  • If a personally-owned device containing sensitive or restricted data has been lost or stolen: Make the same notifications as noted above for Duke-owned device.

Report the misuse or compromise of systems that handle, store, or propagate Sensitive data IMMEDIATELY to security@duke.edu. See the Data Classification Standard.

If you have a concern regarding the use of copyrighted material on any site on the Duke University network, please contact the agent designated on the Copyright/DMCA page to respond to reports alleging copyright infringement. 

If you believe your password may have been compromised, immediately change your password by visiting the OIT Account Self Service Portal and contact security@duke.edu.

If a Security Vulnerability has been identified within a Duke system or network, we ask the individual identifying the Security Vulnerability to immediately disclose the Security Vulnerability to the Duke Security Offices See the Responsible Disclosure Policy and Guidance