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Duke University

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Duke University Chief Information Officer

Duke University Chief Information Security Officer

Duke system administrators are responsible for data security operations on all devices they manage. Devices which are sent to Duke Surplus and Storage are cleaned following the rules below. By Duke policy, all decommissioned institutional devices are required to be sent to Duke Surplus for disposal. The following rules can also be applied to wiping non-Duke devices:

  • If the device will not power up, powers up but will not run a disk erasing tool, or is deemed to have zero resale value, the hard drive is removed and hand-carried for destruction to an approved electronics waste provider, where the destruction is witnessed by Duke staff.

  • Devices worthy of donation are wiped to meet DoD wiping standards via DBAN software.  Passing systems are then donated through Surplus (via an application process), to Duke departments for departmental use, and to local school systems and non-profit agencies.  Failing systems are processed as indicated in item #1 above.

See the surplus and storage programs page to fill out a pick up request for your equipment.

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